B O I S E   C A S T L E
An Idaho landmark at 1700 East Warm Springs Avenue.

Q: I heard the house is now for sale. Is that true? How much?

A: Yes! Sotheby's Realty has the listing. The price is $2,500,000.

The home features:

  • 5 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, 3 powder rooms, 3 car garage.
  • Locking master suite with large master bath, steam room, shower room, walk-in closet, and sitting/tv room.
  • Locking office suite. Locking wine cellar. Home theater room. Elevator to all four floors.
  • Rooftop patio with firepit, heated benches, bartop, jacuzzi, outdoor kitchen, torch-lights, and a greenhouse.
  • Custom hand-cut stonework; hand-made doors, beams, woodwork; and hand-troweled plaster; throughout the home.
  • 90% locally sourced stone. Floors and beams made from reclaimed wood. Floors heated by hot spring utility.

Q: I heard MTV did a shoot at the house. Was it for the Cribs show?

A: Not exactly. In September 2015 a film crew used the tower stairs and rooftop patio to do pickup shots for an upcoming hip-hop video release.

Q: I heard HGTV was filming at the house. Is that true?

A: Yes. HGTV flew in from London and filmed at the castle for two days in October 2013. The segment first aired August 1st, 2014, in season 5, episode 2 of Extreme Homes.

Q: I heard CBS News filmed an interview at the castle. Is that true?

CBS News segment about Boise Castle.

A: Yes. Local affiliate KBOI shot the news magazine segment for CBS in September 2013. It first aired in October 23, 2013. Story and video HERE.

Q: I heard there was a Discovery Channel segment filmed on the castle roof. Is that true?

Discovery Channel segment filmed atop Boise Castle.

A: Yes. The Discovery Channel filmed a science segment in November 2012, and aired it on The Daily Planet in January 2013.

Q: I heard there was a Shakespeare Festival play performed at the Castle itself. Is that true?

Shakespeare event. August 2012.

A: Yes. There was a reading of the play Equivocation, which is about Shakespeare, performed on the back terrace in late August 2012. Tickets sold out at the Shakespeare Festival fundraiser in July, and raised over $25,000.

Ballet Idaho event. August 2011.

Q: I heard there was a Ballet Idaho event at on the castle roof. Is that true?

A: Yes. Ballet Idaho did a Romeo and Juliet promotional photo shoot at twilight atop the King tower. in August 2011.

Q: Where else can I read about Boise Castle?

A: The home was featured in:


Castle Lot. 2009.

Q: Why build a castle?
A: As the last vacant lot on Warm Springs Avenue, the location needed a landmark home.

Q: Whose idea was it? Whose house is it? What does he do for a living?
A: Local entrepreneur Tim Barber.

Q: Who was the contractor? Who built each part of the house?
A: Sean Cafferty Construction was the contractor who saw the castle to completion. The success of the project is owed Sean and his his team of dozens of dedicated craftsmen and suppliers.

Castle Lot. 2012.

Q: Does the castle have a name?
A: No. The next owner is free to give it a name. Google Maps calls it "Boise Castle".

Q: Did you have any trouble getting construction approval?
A: No.

Q: Is it in the Warm Springs Historic District?
A: The house sits right at the end of the Historic District.

Q: How much did it cost?
A: About the same as the other large homes on Warm Springs Avenue.

Q: How many square feet is it? How may bedrooms and bathrooms?
A: About 5800 square feet total. Five bedrooms. Five full baths. Three half baths.

Q: When was it completed? How long did it take?
A: July 2011. 25 months.

Q: Why did the job stop for 5 months in 2010, and then start again?
A: The original contractor couldn't complete the job. We had to restart.


Q: The portcullis is scary. What is it made of? Does it move?
A: Wood frame with hammered steel points. It's fixed in place.

Q: How tall is the main tower? What's the width?
A: It rises to 35 feet above grade. The diameter is about 16 feet.

Q: What inspired the tower, and roofline?
A: We incorporated elements of several actual castles from various locations around the world.

Boise Castle, back yard.

Q: What inspired the stone layout?
A: Many of the stone patterns are adapted from other homes on Warm Springs, and buildings in the heart of downtown Boise.

Q: Where is the stone from?
A: Over 90% of the exterior is local Idaho sandstone, from the quarry right next to Table Rock.

Mudroom sink, and yard view. Leads to kitchen.

Q: How heavy is the front door? Where did you get it?
A: All the doors in the house were custom made. The front door is 220 pounds.

Q: Why didn't the owner name it after himself?
A: It's intended to be an inspirational landmark, as opposed to a monument to anyone in particular.

Livingroom Fireplace, with shadow.

Q: Where is the family crest I read about?
A: There's no family crest.

Q: Why are there so few photos of the inside?
A: It's a private residence. See the CBS and HGTV interviews for an inside tour.

Q: I heard it was built just to anger one of the neighbors.
A: Not at all. The owner gets along just fine with all of his neighbors.

Q: Is it dank and drafty?
A: Neither. Thankfully. It's a modern home.

Q: Does the castle have a dungeon?
A: Not exactly. There's a modern basement with a stone passageway.

Q: Are there secret doors or rooms?
A: Yes. One of each.

Q: Is there a wine cellar?
A: Yes.

Boise Castle, gargoyle. Zuul. Halloween 2014.

Q: Is there a gargoyle by the front door?
A: Yes. We call him Zuul. (Really he's a "grotesque". Gargoyles channel water.)

Q: Is there a moat?
A: Yes and no. The entry landscaping makes it appear as if there is a moat. (A real moat would have been a serious nuisance and hazard. Imagine having a swimming pool next to your front door.)

Q: Is there a suit of armor in the foyer?
A: Yes. Full suit of plate mail. We call him George.

Q: Is there a wooden dragon sculpture in the livingroom?
A: Yes. Crafted in Indonesia. We call him Pete.

Q: Is there an anglerfish sculpture upstairs?
A: Yes. Oxidized iron. We call him Fred. (Though technically he's female.)

Q: Is there a round dining room with a round table?
A: Yes.

Q: Is there a theater room?
A: Yes. It's circular too.

Master bathtub.

Q: Is there a deep round tub in the master bath?
A: Yes.

View from the top of the main tower.

Q: Can one walk all the way to the top of the tower?
A: Yes. There is a locking gate for safety.

Q: Why are the two towers different?
A: The front tower is the King Tower, inspired by Magdala Tower in France. The back tower is the Queen Tower, inspired by one particular lookout at the Tower of London.

Bridge and stairs leading up to the rooftop patio.

Q: Are there any other King and Queen features in the house?
A: The clay registers (pots) at the top of the chimney (on the East side) are King and Queen styled.

Q: How many steps are in the main tower?
A: 76. There's 22 per floor, plus another 10 to the top of the tower.

Q: Is there an elevator?
A: Yes. In the center of the main tower. It goes to all four floors.

Q: Is the house handicapped accessible?
A: Yes. The house is ADA compliant almost everywhere, even the rooftop patio.

The view from the rooftop patio.

Q: What is on the roof?
A: A large heated patio, with firepit, bartop, torches, outdoor kitchen, grill, and jacuzzi.

Rooftop jacuzzi. (With some dry ice, for effect.)

Q: Why are the upstairs windows different on the front of the house?
A: Aesthetic decision. We wanted to break the symmetry.

Q: Why is the garage so tall? What's over it?
A: There's a full guest apartment over the garage.

Q: I heard you have bats! Is that true?
A: Yes. Each Summer about a dozen bats take a liking to the stairwell behind the garage. No belfry.

Castle visitors.

Q: I heard you have ducks? Is that true?
A: Every few years, a mother mallard appears and hatches ducklings in the back yard.

Q: How many kids stop by on Halloween?
A: Well over 1000. We give out over 3000 pieces of candy.